Over the last little while, I have been meditating on why I am here – what is my purpose on earth?

I keep reverting back to how each time my life crumbled, I transformed it on my own.

I have faced childhood bullying, being in an emotionally abusive relationship, then followed by a string of men that would cheat on me, failing my studies to being told I would never teach then to be completing 5 degrees plus a masters and now one more! Being told that I was obese and out of shape to then successfully transforming my body and becoming a personal trainer. I have been gossiped about in several work places because I am different: I am kind and like to keep to myself so in the past became an easy target for people to talk about me. and to have dealt with depression and being quiet about it for over a decade to becoming a strong, independent female that has found self-love.

I am more aware of myself and I don’t like big crowds, I prefer to do things on my own, I hate gossip, I have started to each more veggies, I don’t like to drink, I don’t watch TV, I don’t take medication for things, and I can’t stand to be around negative people.

I feel that I need to change my business practice and also help people transform spiritually.

I have gotten into crystal healing, law of attraction, angel card readings, decluttering, journaling and manifesting, chakra balancing, and communicating to spirit guides! Some crazy shit has happened to me! For the good! If you are interested in transforming your life through both fitness and spirituality; give me a shout! I would love to help!

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